Juliette Villemin:

Juliette Villemin’s project investigated the search for new, expanded terms of reference between body and space that crystallised in classical modernity.

The starting point for Villemin’s research was Rudolf von Laban’s dance experiments that emerged in the Monte Verità artist colony from 1913 to1919. Written material and sketches by Mary Wigman, Hertha Feist, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Dussia Bereska, Suzanne Perrottet, Katja Wulff and others enhance the portrait of this period.

Under Villemin’s direction, students from the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design as well as dancers and experts researched points of reference between modern dance and visual art.

Drawings, notebooks, teaching records as well as choreographic sketches by Monte Verità dance creators formed the basis of contemporary translations of the spatial ideals of the time.

In the project documentation (see above), Juliette Villemin talks about the idea behind her project and how it came about. The video also offers an insight into the results, which were presented in a staged spatial installation at Stuttgart’s Heusteigtheater from 26 to 29 June 2014.


The programme for Monte Verità – Interpretations of Space


Artistic direction and choreography – Juliette Villemin
Artistic assistance – Petra Stransky
Scientific and artistic advice – Claudia Fleische-Braun and Gisela Sprenger-Schoch
Choreography and dance – Marina Grün, Èlodie Laurière, Sawako Nunotani and Kira Senkpiel
Installations / objects – Deborah Bay, Christine Braun, Laura Fröhlich, Nora Hasser, Katarina Holstein and Julia Smolka
Performance – Sabrina Karl and Mira Simon
Projections – Viviana Gully
Costume for Sawako Nunotani’s solo – Kerstin Stahl
Sound – Cristian Villafane
Lighting design – Siggi Kalnbach and Hanno Schupp
Lighting assistance – Lisa Mühleisen
Technical direction –  Siggi Kalnbach
Technical equipment – Daniel Frey
Production – Nele Ana Riepl

Performance Dates
  • 26 June 2014 | Heusteigtheater, Stuttgart – premiere,
  • 27 – 29 June 2014 | Heusteigtheater, Stuttgart

Two shows each day



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