The film recording shows the premiere from 26 April 2018 at Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Tanzcompagnie Rubato:
SOS _ GERHARD BOHNER _ Tanzcompagnie Rubato

Gerhard Bohner’s final choreography SOS emerged in close co-operation with Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann (Tanzcompagnie Rubato). The duet was premiered at the Hebbel Theatre in Berlin in 1991 and alongside the three solo works Im (Goldenen) Schnitt I-III is one of the choreographers’ most significant later works. Bohner died in 1992.

After more than 70 performances and guest performances of SOS, Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann carry the piece in their bodies. As contemporary witnesses, agents of the choreographic knowledge and dancers of the duet together, they are a living archive of Bohner’s aesthetic signature, which now is made available to a younger generation: using the notation they developed for the premiere of SOS, they reproduced the duet with the Chinese dancers and choreographers Niannian Zhou and Xi Juan.

In addition to this faithful transfer of the original work, the intention was also to reflect artistically on and document the process of passing on and handing down choreographic knowledge.


Choreography – Gerhard Bohner
Artistic direction, passing on – Jutta Hell, Dieter Baumann
Dance – Niannian Zhou, Xuan Shi
Speaker – Knuth Irche
Music – Ronald Steckel
Set design – Ursula Sax
Equipment – Norbert Stück
Costume – reconstruction – Claudia Janitschek

Project documentation

In the project documentation, Jutta Hell and Dieter Baumann talk about working with Gerhard Bohner on the original SOS as well as passing on the work to the dancers Niannian Zhou and Xuan Shi.

Interview with Liška and Scott, contemporary witnesses of Bohner

In the interview, Colleen Scott and Ivan Liška remember Gerhard Bohner and their joint work on Das Triadische Ballett (The Triadic Ballet) from 1977.

The interview was conducted as part of the TANZFONDS ERBE project “Das Triadische Ballett” carried out by the Academy of the Arts in 2014 in co-operation with the Bavarian State Ballet II ensemble.

Interview with former Bohner dancers

A discussion with Jacqueline Davenport and Margaret Huggenberger about working with Gerhard Bohner at Bremer Theater

The interview was conducted as part of the TANZFONDS ERBE production Zwei Giraffen tanzen Tango – Bremer Schritte (Two Giraffes Dance Tango – Bremer Steps) by Helge Letonja at Bremer Theater.

Performance Dates
  • 26 April 2018, | Academy of Arts at Pariser Platz, Berlin  – premiere
  • 27 April 2018, | Academy of Arts at Pariser Platz, Berlin
  • 28 April 2018,  |Academy of Arts at Pariser Platz, Berlin



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