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Just in Time

Rather than a representation or selection of historical dance events, or even a reconstruction of performances from the past, the Just in Time project by the Berlin-based ‘artistwin’ deufert&plischke instead saw dance heritage as a process involving people’s individual experiences.

Over three years, deufert&plischke were joined by fellow artists on a search for traces in Berlin, New York and Tel Aviv, where they wrote letters to dance with the inhabitants of these three cities. The resulting collection of letters was intended as a temporary local archive, presenting not only wholly different dance experiences and memories but also stereotypes and clichés. The letters describe defining moments and epiphanies, or even misunderstandings and disappointments, the main point being that they provide a wholly personal view and thereby establish a tangible relationship with dance as a sensual and subjective medium. The local archive in no way claims to be complete or comprehensive, of course, but it was aiming for the highest possible level of participation.

At the end of the project’s visit to each of the cities, local participants were invited to a big ball to dance a choreography created by deufert&plischke on the basis of the letters written.

Lecture performances in which local dance professionals presented their personal letters to dance took also place in Berlin, New York and Tel Aviv.

The letters collected were also published in English in 2018 and can be ordered directly from the theatre bookstore EINAR & BERT under the following link: LETTERS TO DANCE PUBLICATION




Project documentation

The video is a deufert&plischke production.

Performance Dates



  • 28–30 April 2016, 6–7.30pm | Atelier 62, Uferstudios
  • 12–19 May 2016, 12–2pm | Schillerbibliothek
  • 5, 12 and 19 May 2016, 4-6pm | Café ResOtto
  • 29 May 2 – 6 pm | Tempelhofer Feld, next to the small gardens – please look for a red flag saying JUST IN TIME

Lecture Performance

  • 28 August 2016 | Uferstudios –  with Miriam Jakob , Lee Méir und Kareth Schaffer within the frame of Tanznacht Berlin
  • Closing ball
    4 November 2016 |  Bibliothek am Luisenbad, Travemünder Str. 2/ Badstraße, 13357 Berlin



  • Lecture Performance
    27 October 2017 | Tmuna Theatre  –  with Roni Katz und Omer Krieger
  • Closing ball
    28 October 2017 | Tmuna Theatre


  • Lecture Performance (with  Valda Setterfield, Jannet Panetta, Kareth Schaffer, „Hallo Dreamz“ Henry) & Closing Ball
    24 February 2018, 5 p.m. | Spyer Hall// University Settlements// 184 Eldridge St.


Closing Ball
27 April 2019 | Kaaitheater



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