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WHAT IS TANZFONDS.DE? is the website dedicated to two funds initiated by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation), namely Tanzfonds Erbe (Dance Heritage Fund) and Tanzfonds Partner (Dance Partner Fund). DIEHL+RITTER is the non-profit agency managing the funds. Although Tanzfonds Partner – a fund for partnerships between schools and dance institutions – expired in 2014, Tanzfonds Erbe has been extended to 2018. Information about the application procedure, documentary videos on previous and current Tanzfonds projects as well as additional contributions on the theme of dance heritage can all be found at

Whole Wall Films / Boglárka Börcsök The Art of Movement – Trailer

In her film, the young Hungarian dancer and performer Boglárka Börcsök encounters three elderly Hungarian women, all above the age of 90 years: Éva E. Kovács, Irén Preisich and Ágnes Roboz were part of the Art of Movement that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century from a mix of dance and gymnastics today referred to as Modern Dance.

Börcsök retraces how each of these women resisted, reformed, and transformed their lives and dance practices in order to survive the major social transformations of the last century; the rise and command of nationalism and socialism and the consequent banning of the Art of Movement.




Theater Bielefeld: „past forward“ – Interviews

The focus of the past forward evening is on Gerhard Bohner’s late choreographic work Angst und Geometrie (Fear and Geometry), which was commissioned by Berlin’s Hebbel Theater and premiered in 1990.
Twenty-eight years later, Theater Bielefeld and its ensemble TANZ Bielefeld (artistic direction: Simone Sandroni) has now restaged the piece under the direction of the former Bohner dancer Petr Tyc.

The reconstruction will be supplemented by works by three contemporary choreographers – Simone SandroniOverhead Project and Lali Ayguadé – who will be looking at Bohner’s choreography and its intrinsic themes and forms in wholly different ways.

In short interviews, the artists involved talk about their access to Angst und Geometry as well as their own new creations.