Funding for guest performances

*The last closing date for applications was 31 October 2016. Applications are no longer possible*


The funding provided by TANZFONDS ERBE – an initiative of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation) – for guest performances is available only to projects that have already been funded by TANZFONDS ERBE. The following points should be taken into account in particular:

  1. Funding is only available for productions that have emerged as part of TANZFONDS ERBE.
  2. DIEHL+RITTER gUG funds selected guest performances (at least two performances at the guest-performance venue) up to max. EUR 10,000. The TANZFONDS ERBE jury decides about the funding.
  3. DIEHL+RITTER gUG can only make a funding decision if the application is submitted on time. The same deadline applies for both TANZFONDS ERBE project applications as well applications for guest-performance funding under TANZFONDS ERBE: 31 October 2016. The post stamp on applications is used to determine whether deadlines have been met or not.
  4. Funding decisions by DIEHL+RITTER gUG take place at meetings of the TANZFONDS ERBE jury, which is due to convene in February 2015, December 2015 and January 2017. Guest performances that are selected to receive funding must be completed by July 2018 at the latest. Funding decisions are taken based on the documents submitted by the closing date.
  5. Co-financing of at least 10% of the overall costs of the guest performance must be secured from the organiser.
  6. No funding is available if the guest performance has already begun before the funding decision by DIEHL+RITTER gUG has been taken, i.e. if expenses have already been incurred or contracts concluded.