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Interview with Ivan Liška and Colleen Scott MORE(in: The Triadic Ballet) Interview with Christina Ciupke and Anna Till MORE(in: undo, redo and repeat) Channeling Judson Church MORE(in: The Live Legacy Project) Interview with Ramsay Burt MORE(in: Loops and Lines) Interview with Janine Schulze MORE(in: Tracing Isadora) Interview with Nele Hertling and Dirk Scheper MORE(in: The Triadic Ballet) Trailer MORE(in: Abendliche Tänze) A talk with deufert&plischke and Reinhild Hoffmann MORE(in: Auch) MORE(in: Nussknacker) Film recording MORE(in: undo, redo and repeat) Go MORE(in: The Live Legacy Project) Interview with Pfundtner and Kacirek MORE(in: Nussknacker) Interview with Ramsay Burt (part 2) MORE(in: DANCE OF ALL – A MOVEMENT CHOIR) Film recording MORE(in: The Triadic Ballet) Project Documentation MORE(in: Abendliche Tänze) Project Documentation MORE(in: DÉBORDS. Reflections on the Green Table) Project Documentation MORE(in: Nussknacker) Project Documentation MORE(in: The Memory Machine) Project Documentation MORE(in: Tracing Isadora)